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Star City and the Planetary Council is a fantastic Sci-Fi adventure thriller. We live on a developing world and have recently joined the local neighborhood of star systems whose inhabitants have masked their presence from us for so long. They have been there all along carefully watching us waiting to see if we qualify to attain membership. Will humans meet the expectations of the cooperative, tenured alien society? Will we display violence, aggression, or instability? We have great potential, and yet potentially menacing. Our planet sits center of a regional order of populated star systems. Buried within the galactic background noise are the communications from various worlds of the Planetary Council Members, which operates on extraspectral frequencies and have been hidden for centuries. The inner sanctum of our solar system harbors the novel settlements and stellar plazas constructed after the new era. Journey with our main characters SeiWan Li and Lazarus as they go from young adults to maturity while they begin their mind altering excursions into the familiar settings of our solar system and beyond. Quest with the feating duo in their magnificent vessel The Star Voyager. Excitement, wonder, and discovery await you!


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Excerpt from Star City PC:

Chapter 4
Enter The Resistance

Meanwhile, tens of light years away we find ourselves in the “C” band of the exterior shells surrounding Star City whereas the “A” band was the location of A-00981. Deep in the C-00101 star system at a concealed Confederate Resistance base Reloch Beltran paces about the command deck of his attack freighter anxiously awaiting the finalization of procedure for the assault on the Planet Krysto. They had been tediously scanning and probing the A-00981 star system for every relevant tactically significant detail as they scheme they’re way further into the system.
The freighter at which Beltran and his localized group of Resistance personnel was located rested on a small Mercury-like planet in close range of a medium sized red star. This is a common location for Confederate Resistance convoys to wait while constructing permanent bases in various locations; additionally they served as sensor dead zones. In the black sky was the burning red star baking the surrounding surface. The proximity to the star made it troublesome to be located by nearby vessels.

C-00101, Resistance Hideout

The rocky planet they were on was perfectly selected and had a fast rotation, a rarity among closely orbiting planetoids. Perhaps sometime in the distant past this small world was knocked over by a large impacting object providing the necessary rotary force. On the prepared surface lay a cluster of modified cargo ships and attack craft totaling close to one hundred. The hulls of their vessels and subsequent shelters could withstand the heat long enough to enter into the dark side where the temperatures would plummet to below freezing. The materials in which they were constructed consisted of special elements, which could tolerate drastic temperature fluctuations. Needless to say the high integrity vessels were well suited for extremes in environment as were all modern spacecraft. Adjacent to the clusters of assault craft were seven tracker vehicles fashioned by The Resistance, which were intended to be dropped off onto Krysto while they mount their supply raiding plan. This was a common scheme for The Resistance as they continued to build their forces. Without the partnership and security found in citizenship with Star City, felon outcast such as the Confederate Resistance Coordination finds increasing need for acquisitions.
Beltran was working intently over the strategy board with his appointed generals on an ingenious plan to set the tracker vehicles onto the surface of Krysto near the City of Raxot without detection. Krysto was also the destination of Captain Seiwan Li and his shipmate Lazarus.
“According to our most recent observations the meteor shower will hit Krysto in less than two weeks.” Beltran’s aid Cyril reported, he was a Felidae and second in command. His translation mask was planted securely on his face by means of elastic bands and he sat at a computer console where he was sifting through data. Even so Beltran had trained with him long enough to pick up a few cat sonances of which he learned the meanings. They could communicate basic phrases and intentions.
There were only a handful of commanders at this particular stake out and the rest were unranked wannabees who were willing to fight for their own causes while assisting the trained Resistance leaders. Beltran acknowledges with a glance as he parts the protective blinding for a glimpse at the worksite. The low class officers were outside under large heat resistant tents covering some of the construction site of this official base of operations. Pressure tents, small igloo shaped temporary dwellings were erected providing limited air shelter until the ground could be dug up while they begin loading building material inside.
“These employees need to be fed.” He stated. “I’m instructing our restaurant contact to return with some damn food." Cyril informed driven by his grumbling belly. Beltran follows his own hunger as the sound of the sliding drawer draws him to Cyril’s workroom. The food cakes were abundant between them yet dwindling in the eyes of the majority. Beltran was solely concerned with the construction of the subterranean shelter. The raid on Krysto grows sharply imperative. A surge of anger courses him yet he gives in not to the thought of canceling his position as commander of the Resistance. Maniacy flows in his veins driving his determination. “Just one more successful supply raid could set us off toward independence.” He knew. The Planet Krysto was the nearest, most resource rich location. The two cities there and various remote military installations provided plenty of spoils. Suffice it to say, locating and raiding depots on planets for materials was costly. Yet, once the proper machinery was acquired they had no shortage of raw materials such as metals and ice from which they could piece together their desired designs for a more permanent headquarters.


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NEW! TQS and Wolfgang Pauli's Principle., An article explaining the connection between the exclusion principle and TQS.


NEW! Electron distribution shifts and exobiology, A paper on exobiology in contrast to molecular electron distribution purturbations.


Updated 03.02.15

NEW! Collisions of Nucleons, A paper further observing particle/nuclear impacts.

The Ulticell, A battery design for maximum power supply.

title="Theory of Quantized Space" The Strong Force Project, A compelling paper on the strong nuclear force.



Updated 09.02.14

  Theory of Quantized Space, a new theory that explains the nature of the expanding universe,
origin of dark energy, and the relation between quantum physics and
gravitation with a single set of ideas.



          Atomic Particle Reservior, a physics paper on an experimental particle storage and
delivery system for power generation and propulsion.


       Reaction Equations and Time, a diagram showing the sequence of elemental
formulas by relation to space and time.


Artificial Intelligence Apparatus, a compilation of devices intended to
facilitate the properties of artificial intelligence.



Partial Reflection Phenomina, an idea that explains an alternateview of the phenomena of
partial reflection of light through transparent surfaces.


Santora Model of the Atom, a theory that shows a new seemingly more accurate
model of the behavior of particles in an atomic system.



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